Where To Make Book Donations For A Good Cause

Sharing is caring. One way to show that you care is by donating the books that influenced you to people that can also benefit from it. This act of generosity spreads the spirit of learning to different kinds of people while positively affecting our environment. But you may ask where to donate used books. This guide will help you with that.

Where to Make Used Books Donations

Below are several places and organizations that keep your books in good hands. Each of them uses your donation for different purposes, but you can be sure that they are all for a worthy cause.

Local Libraries

If you live in a place with a local library, ask if they are open for donations. It is important to contact them before you bring your books because many libraries don't have enough shelves for more reading materials. If that's the case, ask if they will host a community book sale or if you can provide a specific title they need.

The Salvation Army

This international charitable organization is considered as one of the largest social aid contributors there is. The book donations they receive go to their stores that fund rehabilitation centers. These facilities focus on adults that were addicted and want to bounce back in life. Some books are given to homeless people in their shelters.


If you have used books to donate, you can post it in Freecycle. But first, you need to create an account on their website. Then, you can post the books with their brief description in the online bulletin. If anyone near you is interested in it, you will know. The members of this community give and get reusable things for free.

Vietnam Veterans of America

As their organization name indicates, they are dedicated to aiding veterans of the country. The books you donate are sold in Vietnam Veterans of America thrift stores. It is a non-profit organization, and all the money from sales is used to support their programs.

Prison Book Programs

Thanks to this organization, prisoners can spend their time reading a wide variety of books for free. Also, Prison Book Programs has a list of similar local organizations in different states. You can find this on their official website to give you more options.

O3 Books

O3 Books is a company founded for one major goal — to make an impact on the environment for a better future. We want to inspire other people and companies along the way. This is done by keeping books in the hands of readers and not on the piles of a landfill. To contribute to our mission, we accept used books donations from anyone willing.

So far, O3 Books' efforts have made remarkable results. We have reused and recycled over 10,500 books. There are about 100,000 books donated and 500 trees planted.

These outcomes have been useful to the human race's battle against climate change. But we don't plan to stop right there. O3 Books is committed to promoting reading and environmental awareness for years and years to come.

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